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Personal Empowerment

Physical Workshop

Wow! Such a fantastic day was it. Our first Auckland Personal Empowerment workshop was funded by the New Zealand government. We organised this workshop at the Grand Millennium Hotel based in Auckland CBD, and a nice lunch was served during the program. At the end of the workshop about 30 participants completed the course topics, and received a valuable certificate. Below you can see some of the photos and video interviews from our participants in our Auckland workshop. 

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What our participants say about our courses


"I am really grateful for enjoying the Personal Empowerment workshop. After attending this workshop, I could get a better job opportunity and achieved my social goal. I think this is a course everyone should practice because it will take us to amazing outcomes not only for our own life goals but also let us help others for a better future and generations to come."

Jacqueline Williams

Miss Charity NZ World Wide

"Attending the Personal Empowerment workshop was an incredibly enriching experience. I learned a lot about personal development and goal-setting skills and I was able to apply them immediately in my work. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone else, looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in goal setting and the objectives they may have in life."

Farshad Safavi

P.NZ.C Board of Director

"The Personal Empowerment workshop was very well presented, and I could learn a lot about life planning, goal setting, and personal development. I have already made so many changes in my personal life after attending this workshop. Also, I had the chance of socializing with some community friends after a long time, as well as made new friends at the event."

Sanjeet Kaur

Community Member

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The Personal Empowerment course will provide you with some technics that help you to understand self-knowledge, as well as it will teach you how to use your imagination, explore your interests, and know your potential. The lessons continue with Life Planning knowledge which helps you to plan different projects in your life, as well as tells you how to have a Goal Setting for your Personal Development until you achieve the success you are seeking in your life and become a Role Model for others. Below is the list of topics that you will practice in this course. If you are interested to enrol in our online course then apply from the link below. 

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