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IMAJH College has a range of courses, that can help those who would like to start life professionally and have a positive role in society. If you would like to be more self-aware, plan your life in the greatest possible way, or be a role model celebrity to help your society, then you are in the right place. At IMAJH College we will provide you with the most updated knowledge and modern technics that can help you to achieve your goals. We recommend to you, enroll in our valuable Personal Empowerment course because this course educates you on how to create a better version of yourself and how to begin a professional life. Once you identified the skills you need to assess your life goals, raise your confidence, and being able to lead to a more fulfilling and higher quality life, then we can support you with our other courses to specialize your knowledge and skills, for becoming a successful person. Read below for more details about our courses and start your new life today by enrolling in our courses. 

Personal Empowerment

To start a professional life, you need to empower yourself personally with basic life skills and knowledge. The Personal Empowerment course provides you with some technics that help you to understand self-knowledge, and how to use your imagination, explore your interests, and know your potential.

This course will teach you to identify the skills and qualities you need to assess your life goals and purpose. It allows you to enhance your employability prospects, raise your confidence, be proactive, and take charge of your actions, so you be able to lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life, as well as become a Role Model for others.

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Online Courses

Social Empowerment

You are related and cooperated in groups and social, during your lifetime. So, to have a true ideal life, you need to be a part of an ideal society. The Social Empowerment Course has been designed for those who want to participate in social activities and be a service to others, to help create a more ideal society. If you are seeking careers in community services, development management, public counseling, family practitioner, political activities, or social services to individuals, groups, and communities, in this course you will attain the basic knowledge of the expectations and skills required to be prepared to work in this field.

Upon the 3 days online course, you will receive a PDF book and once you have passed all your tests, you will be graduated with a PDF certificate.

Fame Development

The state of being known or talked about by many people, especially as a favorable character, creates a widespread reputation which is known as Fame. Being famous or becoming a celebrity is the dream of many people around the world because as more as you achieve Fame you will have more power to do your desired goals. In this course, you will learn how to brand yourself and what steps you should take to promote yourself or your talents to the audience, and how to become a favorite character for many people to create a widespread reputation.

Upon the 6 days workshop, you will receive a book and once you have passed all your tests, you will be graduated with a certificate.

TV Producing & Directing

In this course, you will learn about two parts of filmmaking. First will be the business part or the Producer job, and second the creative part of the Director’s duties. Among the thoracal knowledge, aspiring filmmakers and actors will receive the opportunity to gain experience in TV Producing and Film Directing and have the opportunity to learn the three steps of filmmaking, which are Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. You will work on real projects and learn how to develop your TV Producing & Directing skills by completing the assigned projects, which will enhance your ability to work with media production companies anywhere in the world.

Upon the 6 days workshop, you will receive a book and once you have passed all your tests, you will be graduated with a certificate.

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Once you completed any of IMAJH courses or seminars, you will receive a certificate from us that can support you in your future career.

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What our participants say about our courses


"I am really grateful for enjoying the Personal Empowerment workshop. After attending this workshop, I could get a better job opportunity and achieved my social goal. I think this is a course everyone should practice because it will take us to amazing outcomes not only for our own life goals but also let us help others for a better future and generations to come."

Jacqueline Williams

Miss Charity NZ World Wide

"Attending the Personal Empowerment workshop was an incredibly enriching experience. I learned a lot about personal development and goal-setting skills and I was able to apply them immediately in my work. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone else, looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in goal setting and the objectives they may have in life."

Farshad Safavi

P.NZ.C Board of Director

"The Personal Empowerment workshop was very well presented, and I could learn a lot about life planning, goal setting, and personal development. I have already made so many changes in my personal life after attending this workshop. Also, I had the chance of socializing with some community friends after a long time, as well as made new friends at the event."

Sanjeet Kaur

Community Member