All Participants Must Agree to Below Items

College Terms and Conditions


The IMAJH College’s Terms and Conditions is entered into effective as an “AGREEMENT” between the below “PARTIES”, with respect to the Educational Course and/or Educational Workshop, the “COURSE”, as defined below.


IMAJH Ltd, Tel: 1300 002 777, Address: Level 33, 264 George Street, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia, which at this agreement is called “COLLEGE”.

And, the other party (company or individual participant who received the SERVICE that COLLEGE has been provided or is providing), which in this agreement is called “STUDENT”.


1.  The STUDENT agrees that he/she is over 18 years old age, OR his/her parents or guardians are witnesses for his/her enrolling in the COURSE.

2. The STUDENT agrees all the contact details such as his/her name, age, telephone number, address, and all the information which has been provided on the COLLEGE’s Registration Form or to the COLLEGE is true and is not misleading.

3. The STUDENT agrees that he/she received and read the AGREEMENT in hard copy, OR on the COLLEGE’s website when he/she submitted and ticked the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box under the Online Registration Form.

4. The STUDENT agrees that he/she checked all the details and Terms and Conditions on the AGREEMENT before submitting the Online Registration Form and joining the COURSE. Ticking the Terms and Conditions box on the Online Registration Form is an electronic signature for this AGREEMENT.

5. The STUDENT agrees if there are any questions or anything is unclear in the COURSE process, he/she makes sure to ask his/her question/s by email from the COLLEGE’s team only.

6. The STUDENT agrees that the COLLEGE can use his/her name, voice, and footage on any social media platform for both the COURSE and/ or COLLEGE’s promotion and he/she gives the COPYRIGHT of using the above materials to the COLLEGE for the purpose of advertising, publicity, marketing, and promotions, etc.

7. The STUDENT agrees that he/she will not take or carry any drugs on themselves for the duration of the COURSE.

8. The STUDENT agrees that he/she has no criminal convictions or pending criminal action against him/her, and if does must tell about it to the COLLEGE’s team before registration.

9. The STUDENT agrees that he/ she will follow all valid instructions from the COLLEGE and if any rules are broken/instructions are not followed he/she can be immediately removed from the COURSE.

10. The STUDENT agrees that he/she will not damage, or “bad mouth” the COLLEGE at any stage during, before, and after the COURSE.

11. The STUDENT agrees to pay the full amount of the COURSE Fee, as per the COLLEGE’s quotation.

12. The STUDENT agrees the Registration Fee, or Service Fee, that he/she pays to the COLLEGE is non-refundable and if for any reason the AGREEMENT has been canceled, the amount will not return to STUDENT.

13. The STUDENT agrees if for any reason he/she needs to cancel the AGREEMENT then he/she can send the cancellation request to the COLLEGE and wait for COLLEGE’s response.

14. The STUDENT agrees if any problems or issues arise in the future in the COURSE or the AGREEMENT or any of the PARTIES did not fulfill its obligations and it is not resolved through negotiation, then arbitration courts should be given by the Australian law and carried out in Sydney, Australia, where the COLLEGE’s office is based.

15. The STUDENT agrees that if he/she has any issues with the COURSE or COLLEGE must follow up their complaint professionally from the Australian law system and cannot share these issues for any reason with third parties and/ or other students, or create group chats or make negative comments about the COLLEGE on any social media platforms.

16. The STUDENT agrees if for any reason he/she does not follow the COURSE’s rules, or creates problems for the COLLEGE or the COURSE that involves the Australian legal system and/ or the COLLEGE lawyer, then he/she will be sued for up to $100,000 for the cost that brings to the COLLEGE.


As mentioned in item 4, your submission of the Course Registration Form, ticking the Terms and Conditions box,  and your signature on the bottom of the form are a signature for this AGREEMENT.